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A very easy-to-use invoicing program to straightforwardly manage your entire business: invoices, delivery notes, clients, suppliers, inventory, VAT, purchases, outstanding payments, sales, and status of invoices or deliveries.

Among the program's features, the following stand out:

Invoices: Create and modify invoices, as well as generate them based on clients' delivery notes. List paid and/or unpaid invoices by selecting the client, date range, desired group type, minimum amount, etc. Invoices can include free text in both the client and article fields.

Estimates: Create any type of estimate you want, including free text in both the client and article fields. Estimates can later be converted to invoices automatically.

Delivery Notes: Create and change client delivery notes and, as with invoices, generate lists of notes according to their status: pending, invoiced, by client, by date, etc.

VAT: Break down VAT by sale, purchase, difference between the two, date, etc. (Includes graphics.)

Purchases: Register, withdraw or modify purchases, keeping track at all times of the status of each and purchases paid or pending. Make lists by supplier, purchase, date range, status, etc.

Inventory: With this option, record inflows, outflows, or changes to stock. Fields include code or reference, name of product, cost, amount in stock, and minimum quantity for the program to warn you that you're running low. Stock will update automatically as you create invoices and delivery notes. You can also make lists of items, stock below minimums, outflows by date range, etc.

Utilities: Includes utilities such as choosing the work year, the type of invoice (A or B), backup copies of data, full agenda, alert system, and file corrector should Windows shut down improperly or the system fail. There is also a help tool that explains how the program works.
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